Up to 300 Watts of RF Power From 20 kHz to 14 MHz For Industrial, Laboratory And Medical Application.   FEATURING:   ·  20 kHz to 4 MHz up to greater than 300 W   ·  Output of 250 Watts h3 £ -12 dBc ·  Digital Meter, measures forward, reflected and load power   ·  Front Panel Control of Amplifier and Generator functions   ·  Data acquisition:   Status Monitoring & Power Measurement at Analog Port ·  RS232 communication: Full Control Of Amplifier & Generator   Functions   ·  AGC or Power Leveling: Gain Control to better than ±0.5 dB   ·  Pulse and Sweep of RF internal signal Vox   Amplifier is    a    robust    source    of    RF power    for    ultrasonic,    laser modulation,   RFI/EMI,   plasma generation, laboratory and general industrial applications.   Featuring   leading   edge   solid state design for all RF amplifier  stages  and  a built-in DDS signal source, it provides everything for a complete and reliable,  controlled  RF  power delivery system. It reflects the Vox  ongoing  commitment  to provide RF power products of t h e  h i g h e s t  q u a l i t y , incorporating the current requirements for complete remote control and data acquisition features. OPERATION The  Vox  Amplifier  produces  up  to 300 Watts of RF power over a frequency   range   from   lower than  20  kHz  to  higher  than  4 MHz.    It    operates    over    the entire frequency range without band switching or other adjustments.  Extended  range to   over   10   MHz   is   possible with   reduced   output   power. Gain  is  rated  at  55  dB  with  a typical   gain   flatness   of   ±1.5 dB.   The Front Panel offers a LCD display  of  Forward,  Reflected and Load Power readings, RF Status, MGC/AGC setups and operating frequency in Generator Mode.   Power   meters   are   calibrated into  a  50  Ohm  Load  and  are accurate   when   unit   operates into  matched  load.  Outside  of matched  condition,  the  model Vox Amplifier' p o w e r measurement system provides an accurate reading of VSWR.   When  used  as  amplifier,  the Vox  Amplifier  is  compatible  with most     signal     and     function g e n e r a to r s ,  c o m p u te r synthesizer   cards   within   its output and bandwidth limits.   The Forced-air cooling system and the internal power supply are designed to permit  operation over a  wide range    of    temperature    and global AC line conditions.   The    Vox   Amplifier   is    built    to withstand a +13 dBm (2.8Vp- p)    Input    signal.    The    unit amplifies   the   inputs   of   AM, FM, SSB and pulse modulations.   OUTPUT PROTECTION Vox  Amplifier  is  protected  by  its internal    control    system    for 300  Watts   of   total   Forward Power    and    70    Watts    of Reflected    Power.    This    will protect   the   amplifier   output stage from accidental overdrive at the input and an extreme    mismatch    at    the Output.   GENERAL Vox's products are designed to  be  reliable,  compact  and light   in   weight.   The   use   of c o n s e r v a t i v e l y  r a t e d components     ensures     high reliability  and  eliminates  the need for periodic calibration.   Specifications Page >>