01/28/2015 - Vox Technologies now carries Kontron DIMM-PC/520-I 08012-3232-13-0 CPU Board

Full PC functionality at the size of a business card

The DIMM-PC/520-I is an extremely compact PC module to be plugged on to customized base boards. The new DIMM-PC/520-I, based on AMD Elan SC520 133 MHz, features high performance with an integrated floating point unit, up to 32 MByte DRAM and 32 MByte IDE compatible Flash. Due to the extreme low power design no active cooling is required. The integrated high functionality of a x86 CPU Module comes along with all common. PC interfaces (2xserial TTL, Printer, Keyboard, Floppy). The DIMM-PC is widely used where stable performance is required but space and power consumption is limited. The new DIMM-PC/520-IU offers one USB 1.1 port to adress modern expansion devices. Ethernet is available at 10/100 Mbit performance with the DIMM-PC/520-IE version. With a DIMM-PC it‘s easy to substitute micro-controller applications with a flexible low cost PC based solution.

596B6 - Lineage Power - Vox Technologies

The DIMM-PC/520-I/IE/IU integrates the complete functionality of an ElanSC520 board, offering a CPU, system BIOS, 16/32 DRAM, keyboard controller, real-time clock, and a 16/32MB IDE compatible onboard Flash hard disk. The Elan solution includes a highly integrated embedded CPU chip made by AMD.

DIMM-PC modules are designed for embedded applications with industrial BIOS extensions such as setup-date in EEPROM as a host-mode function, allowing operation with an external PC as terminal.

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About IEI:
Kontron AG is a German-based multinational company which designs and manufactures embedded computer modules, boards and systems.

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