03/08/2010 - IEI Announces Intelligent Access Control Panel PC: ACT-08A

Press Release

The ACT-08A, 8.4" SVGA RFID Panel PC, is an intelligent all-in-one access control terminal that reads both MIFARE and EM tags and transponders. Built on the low power, low heat x86 Intel®910GMLE and Intel® 945GSE chipsets, the ACT-08A represents the ideal choice of access control panel PC. The x86-based architecture is more flexible than traditional RISC-based control terminals. The x86 architecture enables system developers to integrate sophisticated time attendance, access control and/or prepaid card software on the ACT-08A for door access, time attendance, cashless payment for vehicles, ticketing, membership clubs, photocopying, dining, laundries or parking access control.

RFID Automated Parking Control System
The RFID controller unit allows installation in automatic toll collection systems to ensure parking fees are paid. The ACT-08A can be used to access and control a database and monitor the toll collection transaction history.

Access Control Door System
The two-in-one EM/MIFARE compliant RFID reader installed in the ACT-08A supports sophisticated security applications. Advanced third-party voice and face recognition software can be integrated with the embedded camera and microphone to enable the development of complete security systems to protect restricted environments in banks, government buildings and other sensitive areas.

Healthcare Solutions
The ACT-08A with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology applied in hospitals and healthcare facilities identifies and track patients, objects, and assets, as well as speeds up or eliminates many manual operations in checking and processing patients.

The x86 ACT-08A all-in-one panel PC with Windows® CE and Windows® XPE operating systems is easily integrated with data intensive applications such as voice recognition and face recognition software. The ACT-08A with an 8.4” touch panel is a complete turnkey solution that comes with an RFID reader digital camera, microphone, two speakers, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module.

The fanless ACT-08A systems have less downtime and extended operational lives as they are not susceptible to overheating problems caused by fan failures.

The rugged ACT-08A systems combine IP 64 compliant front panels with anti-shock and anti-vibration shields to ensure the system is secured against vandalism and protected against extreme environmental conditions.

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