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  • EC3-1651CLDNA
    3.5 P3 Series SBC with Crusoe CPU/Memory and LCD/CRT/SSD/LAN/Audio
    P/N: EC3-1651CLDNA-733-128M
  • EmCORE-v611VL2N/E533 (optional)
    3.5" Embedded VIA Eden 533Mhz miniboard with 128MB SDRAM, Dual Realtek 8100BL Fast Ethernet, AC97 3D Audio, PC/104 and Compact Flash with dual Intel 82559 Fast Ethernet
    P/N: EmCORE-v611VL2R/E533
  • AW-EM730
    Aewin AW-EM730 CPU Board - Intel Celeron M ULV Embedded SBC with LVDS, LAN, Audio & SSD
    P/N: AW-EM730B, AW-EM730C, AW-EM730D
  • EM-6330
    Aewin EM-6330 CPU Board - AMD Geode LX800 Low Power Processor with VGA/LCD,Two 10/100 LAN, Audio & SSD
    P/N: EM-6330C-050, EM-6330D-050, EM-6330E-050, EM-6330F-050
  • EM-6331
    Aewin EM-6331 CPU Board - AMD Geode LX800 Low Power Processor with PC/104, Mini PCI, VGA/LCD, LAN, Audio & SSD
    P/N: EM-6331A-050, EM-6331D-050
  • EmCORE-i762
    Arbor EmCORE-i762 Miniboard CPU Board with 3.5" Intel Celeron M 1.0GHz processor, CRT, LCD, Audio and LAN
    P/N: EmCORE-i762VL, EmCORE-i762VL / CM1000, EmCORE-i762VL / CM600
  • EmCORE-i9651
    Arbor EmCORE-i9651 CPU board with 3.5" Intel Core Duo/Core 2 Duo Processor, CRT/LCD, Audio and Dual Gb LAN
    P/N: EmCORE-i9651VL2
  • LE-365
    COMMELL LE-365 CPU Board with 3.5" Miniboard with VIA Eden 1.0 GHz CPU and VIA CX700M Chipset, 1.0 GB DDRII, Giga LAN, 18/24-bit LVDS, USB 2.0, COM, HD audio
    P/N: LE-365D, LE-365E5D, LE-365E5X, LE-365X
  • AP-370H
    Lanner Electronics AP-370H half size Socket 370 Celeron/Pentium 3 single board computer with LAN, USB, Socket for DiskOnChip, no VGA
  • AR-B1551
    Acrosser AR-B1551 CPU Board with Fanless 3.5" Size onboard Pentium NS AMD Geode GX1 300MHz Processor, VGA (CRT/LCD), 10/100 LAN, 2 Serial Ports, PC104, Audio, SSD/DOC, Compact Flash
  • AR-B1650
    Acrosser AR-B1650 3.5" CPU Board with Intel Ultra Low Voltage Celeron 400Mhz Embedded processor, CRT/LCD//TV-out, 2 COM, 4USB, Audio, LAN and PCMCIA
  • AR-B1651
    Acrosser AR-B1651 CPU Board with 3.5" Onboard Pentium III Grade VIA Eden 667MHz with VGA (CRT/LCD), 10/100 LAN, 2 USB 1.1, 2 Serial Prot Audio, Compact Flash (Option)
  • AR-B1652
    ACROSSER AR-B1652 3.5" SBC powered by VIA Mark Corefusion Processor w/CRT/LCD, 10/100Mbps LAN, PC/104, 4x COM, 2x USB1.1, Stereo, EIDE, CF Type II, SO-DIMM
  • AR-B1851
    Acrosser AR-B1851 3.5" SBC Supporting Intel Pentium M/Celeron M Processor, Dual GbE LAN, 4 x USB2.0, VGA/LCD/LVDS, 2x COM, CF, Audio, 1GB DDR 200/266MHz
    P/N: AR-B1851CM1GZC, AR-B1851CM6C
  • AR-B1896
    Acrosser AR-B1896 Intel Pentium M/Celeron M, 10/100 LAN, CF+Type II, PCI Slot, Mini-PCI Slot, 6 x COM, 4 x USB2.0
  • AR-B5250
    Acrosser AR-B5250 3.5" SBC Support Intel Pentium M/Celeron M Processor Dual Giga LAN, 4 x COM, 6 x USB2.0, LCD, SATA, CF
    P/N: AR-B5250CM1GZC, AR-B5250CM6C
  • CPB902
    Fastwel CPB902 CPU Board - 3,5" Highly Integrated Low Power single board computer
  • CPB90204
    Fastwel CPB90204 CPU Board - SBC 3.5" STPC VEGA, 200 MHz, RAM 128 Mb, Flash 16 Mb, 2 Ethernet, 2xRS232, 4xRS232/RS485, SVGA, LVDS, 2xUSB
  • CPB90205
    Fastwel CPB90205 CPU Board - SBC 3.5", STPC VEGA, 200 MHz, RAM 32 Mb, Flash 16 Mb, 2 Ethernet, 2xRS232, 4xRS232/RS485, 2xUSB
  • E384622100
    3.5" CPU Board with AMD LX, VGA/24-bit LVDS LCD, 2 10/100Mbps (RTL 8139DL) and AC'97 audio
  • EBC 320
    Nexcom EBC-320 Series 3.5" Embedded CPU Board with on-board AMD Geode LX800, 500 MHz, PCI 104, IDE, CompactFlash, VGA, COM, Audio, 4x USB 2.0, 10/100 LAN, TTL
    P/N: EBC 320-LX8
  • EBC 342
    Nexcom EBC-342 Series 3.5” Low power Embedded Board Intel® Atom™ N270 & Intel® 945GSE 3D w/VGA, 24bit LVDS, 6x USB2.0, 3x COMs, 1x Mini-PCIe/2x Gbe LAN
  • EBC 360
    Nexcom EBC-360 CPU Board with 3.5" Embedded Intel SoC Tolapai 1200/600MHz w/2x CAN Bus, 2x Gbe LAN, 1x SATA, 1x IEEE 1394, 4x USB, DDR2 SDRAM
  • EBC 363
    NEXCOM EBC-363 CPU Board - 3.5" embedded board with on-board VIA C3 800MHz CPU/ VGA AGP4X/ IEEE 1394/ Realtek RTL8139C LAN
    P/N: EBC 363-1, EBC363LP
  • EBC365
    NEXCOM EBC-365 3.5" CPU Board with VIA Eden Ultra Low Power Embedded processor, CPU/VGA/LAN/Audio/Mini-PCI and Compact Flash socket
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