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  • 810011-2647
    Kontron 810011-2647 886LCD/ATX(GV) CPU Board. Intel Pentium 4, Celeron D & Celeron Embedded ATX Motherboard with Flat Panel Display Support with 6x PCI
  • 810021-2791
    Kontron 810021-2791 886LCD/ATXU(GV) CPU Board. Intel Pentium 4, Celeron D & Celeron Embedded Micro-ATX Motherboard with Flat Panel Display Support. with 3x PCI
  • 810021-2791-R14
    Kontron 810021-2791-R14 ATX/ATXU CPU Board with Intel Pentium 4, Celeron D & Celeron processor, Flat Panel Display Support
  • 810220-4500
    Kontron 810220-4500 986LCD-M/ATXp CPU Board | Intel 945GM + Intel ICH7R Embedded Chipset, Intel Core2 Duo mobile processor support | with 6x PCI, 3x 10/100/1000 LAN, 1x Mini PCI express
  • 810230-4500
    Kontron 810230-4500 986LCD-M/ATXE CPU Board | Intel 945GM + Intel ICH7R Embedded Chipset, Intel Core2 Duo mobile processor support | with 5x PCI, 2x 10/100/1000 LAN
  • 886LCD-M
    Kontron 886LCD-M Series Motherboards - Intel Pentium M/Celeron M Support, SATA, VGA, COM, LVDS, Audio, Up to 3x GbE LAN, CF (Option), PCI Expansion
    P/N: 886LCD-M/ATX, 886LCD/ATX(GV), 886LCD/ATXU
  • 965ATX
    Corvalent 965ATX Industrial ATX Motherboard - Intel core 2 Duo / Intel Pentium 4 / Intel Celeron, Intel Q965 Chipset, 1066 / 800 / 533 MHz Front Side Bus, Six (6) SATA2 (300MB/s) RAID
  • 986LCD-M/ATX
    KONTRON 986LCD-M/ATX Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Core Duo & Intel CoreSolo Embedded ATX with 2x GbE LAN (986LCD-M/ATXP x3), LVDS,PCI-Express/SDVO, IEEE1394
    P/N: 986LCD-M/ATXE, 986LCD-M/ATXp
  • AR-B1690
    Acrosser AR-B1690 Socket 370 PIII LPX EPC CPU Board | with VGA (CRT/LCD), Audio, CF, Mini PCI, LAN, 4COMs
  • AR-B1790
    Acrosser AR-B1790 Pentium 4 Embedded ATX with VGA(CRT/LCD), Channel Ac97 Audio, 6 USB 2.0, 2 LANs,CF+ TYPE II, PCI Slot, Mini-PCI,4 COMs
  • AR-B1891
    Acrosser AR-B1891 SBC, Pentium M, Mini PCI, 6x USB2.0, LAN, 4COM, CF+type II, Audio, LCD
    P/N: AR-B1891M11, AR-B1891M9
  • AR-B1991
    Acrosser AR-B1991 Intel Pentium 4 (LGA-775) CPU Board | Embedded Single Board Computer | with 6 COMs, TPM, PCI Express and 2 CF Sockets
  • EC9-1711LNA
    Embedded ATX PCI-Express SBC with LCD/LAN/Audio/TV-out
  • EC9-1712LDNA
    EVOC EC9-1712LDNA Embedded ATX SBC with LVDS & DVI/VGA/SSD/LAN/Audio/TV-out/10 COM Ports
    P/N: EC9-1712LDNA-M
  • EC9-1812LD2NA
    Embedded ATX PCI-E SBC with DVI/VGA/2LAN/Audio
  • EC9-1813LD2NA
    Embedded ATX PCI-E SBC with LVDS/DVI/VGA/2LAN/Audio
  • EC9-1813VD2NA
    EVOC EC9-1813VD2NA Embedded ATX PCI-E SBC with Intel Core 2 Duo/Quad LGA775 CPU, 2x LAN, CF, DVI/VGA, Audio, 8xUSB, 10xCOM, 4xSATA, 2x PCI-E x1, 1x PICMG PCI, 1x PCI
  • ECB-901A
    AAEON ECB-901A base board USBx4, PCI Slot x4, ISA slot x3, ATX, VGA, LAN
    P/N: TF-ECB-901A-A10, TF-ECB-901A-A10-01
  • ECB-915A
    AAEON ECB-915A COM Express Base Board
    P/N: TF-ECB-915A-A10, TF-ECB-915A-A10-01
  • EM-9360
    Lanner Electronics EM-9360 CPU Board - VIA Mark 3.5” Embedded Board with VGA/LCD/Audio/LAN/USB
  • EM-9762A
    Lanner Electronics EM-9762A CPU Board - EPIC VIA Luke EBC WITH VGA/LCD/ AUDIO/LAN /CF/ USB/CardBus
  • EM-351B
    Lanner Electronics EM-351B CPU Board. NS Geode GX1-300 MHz CPU | VGA | LCD | Dual LAN | Audio | TV Out | GPS Header | CompactFlash | COM/Parallel Ports - Rev. B
  • EMB-830
    AAEON EMB-830 CPU Board. Intel Pentium 4 or Celeron Processors with Embedded ATX Socket 478-based Intel Pentium4/Celeron Processors With LCD, Ethernet, Audio, CompactFlash & Mini PCI.
    P/N: TF-EMB-830-A20-01
  • Gator ATX-G
    Low-Power ATX Controller Based on the Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor-M
  • GCB60-BX
    ITOX GCB60-BX ATX CPU Board | Industrial Motherboard with 3 PCI Slots, 3 ISA (2 ISA + 1 Shared) Slots | 1 AGP Slot
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