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  • EmETXe-i9455
    Arbor EmETXe-i9455 CPU Board. COM Express CPU Module Support Intel Core Duo/Core 2 Duo Processor with CRT/LCD, Gb LAN and PCI Express Lanes
    P/N: EmETXe-i9455/L2400, EmETXe-i9455/T2500
  • A3EXP1563
    The A3EXP1563 is a Gigabit Ethernet board that supports the CompactPCI Express standard and is equipped with two 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet ports. Peripheral board Type 2 is adopted as a CompactPCI Express board that can be used for ×4 and ×1 lanes. The front panel is compatible with 6U and 3U and 1-slot width.
  • A6EXP8021
    A6EXP8021 is a high-performance CPU board which supported to CompactPCI Express standard promptly. It equipped with Intel Core Duo/Core2 Duo. Memory boasts higher reliability due to the SEC/DED/x4 SDDC features of the E7520 server chipset, and PC2-3200 DIMM can be installed using dual channel architecture. CompactPCI Express can be used for 4 x4 or 2 x8 lanes, and is compatible with various backplanes. In addition, standard interfaces, such as Gigabit Ethernet, Serial ATA and USB 2.0, are installed, making it very user friendly.
  • Adbc 8020
    AMD Geode LX800 CPU Board
  • ADBC 8022
    Intel Core Duo/Core 2 Duo CPU Boards
  • Adbc 8023
    Intel Celeron M CPU Board
  • Adbci 8023
    Intel Celeron M CPU Board
  • ADEXP1560
    Advanet ADEXP1560 PCI Express ARCNET Board
  • AdEXP1560-5000
    Advanet AdEXP1560-5000 PCI Express ARCNET Board
  • ADEXP1560A
    Advanet ADEXP1560A PCI Express ARCNET Interface Board
  • ADMPC 7506
    PowerPC G3/G4 CPU Board
    P/N: Adpmc7506-G3-128, Adpmc7506-G3-256, Adpmc7506-G4-128, Adpmc7506-G4-256
  • ADVME 7502
    PowerPC405GP CPU Board
  • CE370A-0
    RadiSys CE370A-0 CE915GM COM Express CPU Board | with Intel 1.5GHz ULV Celeron M 370 BGA Processor, No Memory Module, RoHS
  • CE373A-0
    RadiSys CE373A-0 CPU Boards-Radisys CE915GM with Intel 1.5GHz Celeron M 370 BGA processor, no memory module, RoHS
  • CE738A-0
    RadiSys CE738A-0 CPU Boards CE915GM with Intel 1.4GHz LV Pentium M 738 BGA Processor | No Memory Module, RoHS
    P/N: CE738A-E-512
  • CE760-0
    Radisys CE760-0 COM Express Module. Intel 2GHz Pentium M 760 BGA Processor | Memory module not included
    P/N: CE760A-0
  • CE915GM
    RadiSys CE915GM CPU Boards-Intel Celeron M/Pentium M support, Intel Mobile 915GM/ICH6-M system chipset, Intel 82573V LAN chipset, DDR2 SO-DIMM memory
  • CEB-8PE4
    COMMELL CEB-8PE4 ATX COM-Express Baseboard
  • CEB94000
    Axiomtek CEB94000 ATX form factor type 2 baseboard
    P/N: CEB94000VEEA
  • CEM820
    Axiomtek CEM820 COM Express, Type-II CPU Board with Intel 915GME/910GMLE + ICH6M Chipset, Intel Pentium M processor, Socket 478, Realtek RTL8111 LAN Controller
    P/N: CEM820VG, CEM820VG-1GE
  • CEM830
    Axiomtek CEM830 - COM Express, Type-II Module w/ Intel 945GME+ICH7M Chipset, Socket M, Intel Core 2 Duo
    P/N: CEM830VE, CEM830VE-1G
  • CES-470
    COMMELL CES-470 Socket 479-pin COM Express CPU Module with Intel 915GM Chipset
  • CES-471
    COMMELL CES-471 Intel® Core™ 2 Duo in Socket-P COM Express CPU Module with Intel® GME965 chip
  • COM-45GS
    AAEON COM-45GS CPU Board. COM Express CPU Module With Onboard Intel Core 2 Duo/ Celeron M (SFF, 22 x 22mm) Processors
  • COM-45GS-A10
    Aaeon COM-45GS-A10 CPU Board. Express SL9400, Dual DDRIII, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0, Rev.A1.0 Intel Core 2 Duo SL9400/1.86G, 17W
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