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  • IP-4GVI32
    EPOX IP-4GVI32 Pentium 4 CPU Board | uATX / Dual Gigabit LAN / Audio (optional ) P4 CPU / uATX / Dual Gigabit LAN / Audio (optional )
  • IP-4GVI63
    EPOX IP-4GVI63 CPU Board | with Socket 478 Industrial ATX Motherboard | Supports Pentium 4, Pentium 4-M & Celeron Processors | with VGA, LAN, Audio
  • IP-4GVI83
    ePOX IP-4GVI83 Socket 478 ATX Board | for Pentium 4/Celeron Processor | ATX / LAN / Audio
  • IP-4MTI2H
    Epox IP-4MTI2H CPU Board. Pentium M processor | uATX | Gigabit LAN | Audio | CF | 4COM | LCD
  • IP-4PCI2E
    EPOX IP-4PCI2E CPU Board | Supports P4 CPU / ATX / Gigabit LAN / Audio / CF / S-ATA / PCI-X
  • JUKI-6612
    IEI JUKI-6612 CPU Board - Intel PM/CM 533Mhz - CRT/LCD, Ethernet, USB2.0, SATA, Audio
  • JUKI-6612-R10
    IEI JUKI-6612-R10 CPU BOARD - PCISA SBC Intel PM/CM 533Mhz W/ CRT/LCD,2x PCIE-GbE,USB2.0,SATA,AudioI
  • JUKI-6612LVDS-R10
    IEI JUKI-6612LVDS-R10 CPU Board - PCISA SBC Intel PM/CM 533Mhz W/ CRT/LCD,2x PCIE-GbE,USB2.0,SATA,Audio,LVDS
  • JUKI-6755E-RS-R20
    IEI JUKI-6755E-RS-R20 CPU Board with PCISA Bus Interface, Socket 370, LCD/CRT VGA, LAN, USB2.0, Audio
  • JUKI-LUKE-1G-R10
    IEI JUKI-LUKE-1G-R10 Half-size CPU Board with VIA LUKE 1.0 GHz processor, CRT/LCD, Dual GbE, SATA and Audio
    P/N: JUKI-LUKE-533-R10
    IEI JUKI-LX PCISA CPU Board with AMD LX800 500Mhz Processor, CRT/LCD, Dual LAN, USB2.0, SATA and Audio
    IEI JUKI-MARK PCISA CPU Board with VIA MARK 533Mhz Processor, CRT/LCD, Dual LAN, SATA, Audio with on board 128MB Memory
  • JUKI-MARK-533-128MB-R10
    IEI JUKI-MARK-533-128MB-R10 CPU Board - PCISA CPU Card VIA MARK 533Mhz, CRT/ LCD, Dual LAN, SATA ,Audio with on board 128MB Memory
  • JUKI-MARK-800-128MB-R10
    IEI JUKI-MARK-800-128MB-R10 CPU Board - PCISA CPU Card VIA MARK 800Mhz, CRT/ LCD, Dual LAN, SATA ,Audio with on board 128MB Memory
  • KINO-6612-800Z-R10
    IEI KINO-6612-800Z-R10 CPU Board - Mini ITX ULV Intel Celeron M 800 zero cache CPU board with VGA, LVDS, Dual GbE, Audio & SATA
    P/N: KINO-6612LVDS-800Z-R10
  • KINO-9454G-R10
    IEI KINO-9454G-R10 CPU Board - Mini-ITX MB, LGA775 P-4/Celeron D, w/ 533/800 Mhz FSB w/VGA, GbE, SATA
  • LE-362
    3.5" Drive Size Embedded Pentium III Level Miniboard.
  • LV-660
    Commell LV-660 Mini-Flex ATX Embedded Eden/C3 Motherboard with Onboard Embedded VIA Eden 533 MHz CPU Integrated 3D SVGA with 8 MB Video Memory AC97 3D Audio, TV-out with AV/S-video output and 10/100 Base-Tx LAN Interface
  • LV-666
    Mini-ITX embedded VIAC3/Eden system, Ultra compact @ 170mm x 170mm of dimension
  • LV-670LVDS
    Mini-ITX Pentium 4 Embedded Motherboard (170 x 170 mm) Intel 845GV and ICH4 Chipset Intel mPGA478 Pentium 4 / Celeron CPU @ 533/400MHz FSB 1 GB DDR 266/333 SDRAM Intel 845G GMCH Built-in Extreme Graphics with 256-bit 3D Engine Intel Dynamic Video Memory up to 64 MBytes Onboard 24-bit Dual Channel LVDS TFT LCD Onboard Intel PRO/100+ LAN Interface Onboard Agere IEEE 1394 Interface Onboard Intel ICH4 Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Interface Onboard 5.1-Channel / SPDIF Audio Interfaces Onboard AV / S-video TV-out Interface
  • LV-670M
    BVM LV-670M Intel Pentium 4 Mobile & LVDS Mini-TX Industrial Single Board Computer
  • M845B/VE
    Epox M845B/VE CPU Board. P4 CPU | ATX | LAN P4 CPU | ATX | LAN
  • MB-7200
    Aewin MB-7200 CPU Board - Intel Core 2 Duo ITX MB with 2GbE, 6 COM, 6 USB, VGA, Audio & SSD
    P/N: MB-7200A
  • MB850
    IBASE MB850 Socket 478 Pentium 4(M) Mini-ITX M/B w/ Intel 845GV chipset
    P/N: MB850MF
  • MB-GCB60-BX/B
    Advantech MB-GCB60-BX/B Intel Pentium III/Intel Celeron ATX board with 3 PCI slots, 2 ISA, 1 Shared, and 1 AGP
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