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  • MB-M7411
    Arbor MB-M7411 CPU Board - Micro ATX Pentium M Industrial Motherboard with Flat Panel / CRT, Audio & Dual LAN
  • MB-M7411 VL2
    Arbor MB-M7411 VL2 CPU Board - Micro ATX, Intel Pentium M Processor with onboard VGA, Dual Fast Ethernet
  • MB-M7411 VLG (OEM Version)
    Arbor MB-M7411 VLG (OEM Version) CPU Board - Micro ATX, Intel Pentium M Processor with onboard VGA, Single Fast Ethernet and single Gigabit Fast Ethernet
  • MB500
    AMD Geode LX Mini-ITX Motherboard w/ AMD CS5536 Chipset
    P/N: MB500-R, MB500F-R
  • MB700
    Ibase MB700 Socket 370 440BX ATX Industrial Motherboard w/ 2x LAN, VGA, Audio functions
    P/N: MB700L, MB700P
  • MB720
    IBASE MB720 VIA Eden/C3 CN400 Mini-ITX Motherboard, with VGA, 10/100 LAN, optional GbE, 1394, TV out
  • MB800V
    Ibase MB800V Socket 478 Pentium 4 ATX Motherboard with Intel 845GV Chipset
  • MB820-R
    IBASE MB820-R CPU Board. Socket 478 Pentium 4 ATX Motherboard | VGA and 10/100 Ethernet, RoHS compliant
    P/N: MB820F-R
  • MB840F
    Ibase MB840F Micro ATX CPU Board with Socket 478, Intel 845GE chipset, PCI x3 + AGPx1
    P/N: MB840R
  • MB845
    Ibase MB845 Socket 478 Pentium 4 ATX Motherboard w/ Intel 845GV/PE Chipset, Watchdog timer, 4 x USB 2.0 ports, VGA, AGP 4X, shared memory
  • MB845V
    Ibase Socket 478 Intel® 845GV Micro ATX Motherboard, integrated VGA, PCI x5
  • MB860
    IBASE MB860 Transmeta Efficeon Mini-ITX motherboard - VGA, GbE LAN, 4COM, 4x USB2.0
  • MB860F
    IBASE MB860 Mini-ITX, Transmeta Efficeon 1.0, M1563, w/ 8110S GbE LANx1, M7C VGA
  • MB870
    IBASE MB870 Socket 478 Mini ITX Motherboard - VGA AGP 4x, LAN, 4COM, 4x USB
  • MB875
    Socket 479 Pentium® M Custom-Size Motherboard w/ Intel® 852GM Chipset
    P/N: MB875-R
  • MB877
    IBASE-MB877-CPU Boards, ATI RS400M Mini-ITX Motherboard
  • MB880
    IBASE MB880 CPU Board | Supports LGA775 915G Pentium 4 | Industrial ATX Motherboard | with VGA and Single PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet | with 2 ISA Slots
    P/N: MB880F
  • MB880V
    AIC MB880V CPU Board - ATX Motherboard, Pentium 4-Based with LGA775 w/ Intel 915GV Chipset
    P/N: MB880V-R, MB880VF-R
  • MB884
    IBASE-MB-884-LGA775-Pentium 4 915GV PCI-Express Micro ATX Motherboard (NEW)
  • MB884V
    IBASE MB884V CPU Board - LGA775 Socket Pentium 4 915GV PCI-Express Micro ATX Industrial Motherboard w/ VGA, single PCI Express Gigabit LAN
  • MB885
    IBASE MB885 Socket LGA775 ATX Industrial Motherboard - GbE LAN, 6x USB, 4COM
  • MB886
    LGA775 Intel® Core™2 Duo ATX Motherboard w/ Intel® 945G Chipset
    P/N: MB886-R, MB886F-R, MB886P-R
  • MB890
    AIC MB890 Mini-ITX CPU Board with Socket 479, Pentium M processor, Intel 855GME/852GM Chipset
    P/N: MB890-C6C-R, MB890-C6K-R, MB890-R, MB890C-R, MB890F-R, MB890FC-R
  • MB890
    IBASE MB890 CPU Boards -Socket 479 Pentium® M Mini-ITX, 852GM, PCIx1+MiniPCIx1, w/ ICH LAN x 1, VGA, DC-DC input
  • MB890C
    IBASE MB890C CPU Board - Socket 479 Mini-ITX, 852GM, PCIx1+MiniPCIx1, w/ ICH LAN x 1, VGA, DC-DC input, CF socket
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