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Advantech PCA-6178F CPU Board. Pentium III | PCI/ISA-bus | with HISA/VGA(AGP)/LAN/SCSI



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Bus InterfacePCI/ISA bus, PICMG compliant
Enhanced Parallel PortConfigurable to LPT1, LPT2, LPT3 or disabled. Supports SPP/EPP/ECP
Floppy Disk Drive InterfaceSupports up to two floppy disk drives. BIOS enabled/disabled. Also supports Japanese "Floppy 3" mode
HISAISA bus high driving capability up to 64 mA on all data, address and control lines
Keyboard and PS/2 mouse connectorA 6-pin mini-DIN connector is located on the mounting bracket for easy connection to a keyboard or PS/2 mouse. An on-board keyboard pin header connector is also available
Serial PortsTwo RS-232 ports with 16C550 UARTs (or compatible) with 16-byte FIFO buffer. Supports speeds up to 115.2 Kbps. Ports can be individually configured to COM1, COM2 or disabled
USBTwo USB ports
2nd Level Cache256 KB on CPU full-speed cache
BIOSAward Flash BIOS 2 Mb
ChipsetIntel 82440BX, supports 66/100 MHz FSB
ControllerIntel 82559
CPUIntel Pentium III up to 700+ MHz
LANSupports 10/100Base-T Ethernet networking
PCI IDE interfaceTwo Enhanced IDE interface, supports 4 IDE devices, PIO modes 3, 4 with bus mastering up to 16.67 MB/sec and Ultra DMA mode up to 33 MB/sec
PCI SCSISupPorts 32-bit PCI interface and Ultra II SCSI or legacy single-ended devices;data transfer rates up to 80 Mb/sec, Chipset:Symbios SYM53C895
RAMThree 168-pin DIMM sockets up to 768MB SDRAM support ECC
VGA/AGPSupports AGP 2X, 133 MHz, Controller: ATI Rage Pro Turbo, On-board 4 MB SGRAM
Watchdog TimerCan generate a system reset or IRQ11, programmable from 1 sec. to 63 sec.

The PCA-6178 Series all-in-one industrial grade CPU card uses Intel's highly acclaimed Pentium III/ Celeron processor, together with the Intel 440BX PCI chipset. The card works with standard ISA or PCI/ISA-bus passive backplanes.

The CPU provides 256 KB/128 KB on-CPU L2 cache, eliminating the need for external SRAM chips. It has two PCI EIDE interfaces (for up to four devices) and a floppy disk drive interface (for up to two devices). Other features include two RS-232 serial ports (16C550 UARTs with 16-byte FIFO or compatible), one enhanced parallel port (supports EPP/ECP) and two USB (Universal Serial Bus) ports. The PCI enhanced IDE controller supports Ultra DMA/33 and PIO Mode 4 operation. This provides data transfer rates of over 33 MB/sec. System BIOS supports boot-up from an IDE CD-ROM, SCSI CD-ROM, LS-120, FDD, IDE HDD, SCSI CD-ROM, and ZIP-100.


  • CMOS automatic backup and restore to prevent accidental data loss of BIOS setup
  • Intel 82440BX PCI set, supports FSB 100 MHz
  • ISA High Drive 64 mA (HISA)
  • On-board 10/100Base-T networking controller
  • On-board security for CPU fan, thermal and voltage monitoring
  • On-board Ultra II SCSI controller
  • On-board VGA/AGP with 4 MB SGRAM
  • Socket 370 Pentium III processor up to 700+ MHz
  • Three DIMM sockets for SDRAM up to 768MB, supports ECC