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IEI PCI-6S Backplane. 7-Slot | PICMG Bus | Passive | 4 PCI | 1 ISA | 2 PICMG Slots

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Ordering Information:

PCI-6SR   IEI PCI-6SR Backplane - for RACK-200/210/220
PCI-6SD   IEI PCI-6SD 2U Chassis Backplane | with 2 PCI/2 ISA Bus
PCI-6S2   IEI's PCI-6S2 7-Slot PICMG Bus Passive Backplane, the nice, backplane interface is PICMG, 1.0, type is passive, number of segments (individual systems): 1, the total number of slots are 6, power input connector: -20-pin ATX power connector, awesome P8/P9 standard AT power connector, and -5 screw terminals. PICMG 1.0 Slots (CPU Slot): 2 (only 1 PICMG slot can be used at once per segment), the ISA slots: 3 (one ISA slot from 1 vacant PICMG slot), and PCI slots: 37 slots.
PCI-6S3   IEI PCI-6S3 6-Slot PICMG Bus Passive Backplane; 3-PCI, 2 ISA and 1 PICMG Slots
PCI-6SDA   IEI PCI-6SDA Backplane - 6-Slot Butterfly Passive Backplane, ATX
PCI-6S-RS-R30   IEI PCI-6S-RS-R30 Backplanes-6-Slot ISA/PCI Backplane 10pcs/box;RoHS
PCI-6SD-RS-R30   IEI PCI-6SD-RS-R30 6-Slot Butterfly Backplane, ATX Power Connector 10pcs/box, RoHS
PCI-6S3-10   6-Slot ISA/PCI Backplane (10pcs/box)
PCI-6SD-RS   2U Chassis Backplane With Each Model
PCI-6S-RS   IEI PCI-6S-RS - 6 Slot Backplane with Four PCI SLots and Two ISA Slots
PCI-6S-RS-R31   IEI PCI-6S-RS-R31 7-Slot PICMG Bus Passive Backplane; 4 PCI, 1 ISA and 2 PICMG Slots.
PCI-6SD-RS-R40   6-Slot Butterfly Backplane,ATX Power Connector
PCI-6SDA   IEI PCI-6SDA Backplane. 1 PICMG, 2 PCI, 2 ISA Backplane, One PCI Can Be ISA Slot
PCI-6S-RS-R40   6-Slot ISA/PCI Backplane
PCI-6SR-RS-R30   6 Slot Butterfly Backplane
PCI-6S VER:G2   IEI PCI-6S VER:G2 Backplanes

ISA Slot2
Number of Slot Supported7 Slots
PCI Slot4
Total Slot6
Total Number of Slots7
LED On-boardPower LED x 5
PC Power ConnectorAT (12-pin single row P7/P8) x 1, ATX (20-pin double row) x 1, Power screw terminal block x 1
Expansion SlotsISA x 1, PCI x 4, PICMG 1.0 x 2
Warranty Period1 year


  • 1 ISA
  • 2 PICMG Slots
  • 4 PCI
  • 7-Slot
  • Passive
  • PICMG Bus