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Texas Micro 5927 ULE CPU Board with Intel Pentium III Processor with dual Ethernet, dual SCSI, SDRAM, and 64-bit/66MHz PCI Local Bus

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BIOS (FLASH)AMIBIOS 7.0 with built-in advanced CMOS, PCI-to-PCI bridge support, PCI interrupt steering. Supports flash devices for BIOS upgrading via floppy interface.
Bus SpeedsISA 16-bit/8MHz, PCI 32-bit/33MHz 64-bit/33MHz 64-bit/66MHz, System/FSB 100MHz or 133MHz
CACHE MEMORY (L2)The Pentium III processor includes an integrated on-die, 256K or 512K 8-way set associative level two (L2) cache with a 256-bit wide bus. For Celeron processors, a 128K or 256K unified, non-blocking second level (L2) cache.
ChipsetThe ServerWorks ServerSet III LE chipset supports a Front Side Bus bandwidth of 100MHz or 133MHz. Supports single-bit error correction, with multiple-bit error detection.
DRAM Memory2GB of Synchronous DRAM (SDRAM) memory. The DIMM memory is PC-133 compliant. Uses industry standard 72-bit wide (ECC) gold finger DIMM modules in two 168-pin DIMM sockets.
Front Side BusThe ServerWorks ServerSet III LE supports speeds of 100MHz or 133MHz.
PCI 10/100Base-T Ethernet Interfaces (Dual)The dual PCI Ethernet interfaces (Intel 82559) support 10/100Base-T via RJ-45 connectors on the board’s I/O bracket. The interfaces are compliant with IEEE 802.3 and PCI Local Bus 2.1 Specifications.
PCI EIDE Ultra DMA/33 Interface (Dual)Dual high performance PCI Bus Master EIDE interfaces are capable of supporting two IDE disk drives each in a master/slave configuration.
PCI LOCAL BUS INTERFACEPrimary and Secondary PCI Bus interfaces provide a sixteen deep I/O cache and a four deep request queue for PCI to Memory cycles.
ProcessorIntel Pentium III processor at 733MHz - 1.26GHz Intel Celeron processor at 850MHz - 1.2GHz
SCSI INTERFACES (DUAL)The dual SCSI interface supports two concurrently operating channels using QLogic’s ISP12160A Dual Channel SCSI Controller, which supports SCSI operation up to 160MB per second.
Secondary PCI InterfaceThe Secondary PCI interface is 64 bits wide and runs at 33/66MHz. The interface is routed off board to drive PCMIG compliant PCI/ISA backplanes.

Designed to give you the faster performance and flexibility you need, the ULE has dual Ethernet, dual SCSI, video, SDRAM memory and and intel Pentium III processor. With all of these options on-board, the ULE saves you slots and lets you take advantage of the new high-powered processor. Additionally, the ULE supports Flat Panel and Compact FlashT.


  • 100/133MHz Front Side Bus
  • 64-bit/66MHz PCI Local Bus
  • Compact FlashT
  • Dual Ethernet
  • Dual SCSI
  • Intel Pentium III Processor
  • LCD Flat Panel
  • Processing speeds up to 1.26GHz
  • SDRAM Memory
  • Up to 512K Level 2 cache