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Advantech MB-GCB60-BX/B Intel Pentium III/Intel Celeron ATX board with 3 PCI slots, 2 ISA, 1 Shared, and 1 AGP

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CHIPSETIntel 440BX AGP set

The MB-GCB60-BX/B offers you the choice of either the economical Intel Celeron processor or the powerful Pentium III processor. Each processor enables developers to deliver the high performance needed in today’s processing intensive embedded applications. This ATX format motherboard combines the strength of the Intel BX chip and can support as many as four PCI, or three ISA cards. The front side bus operates at speeds up to 100 MHz to support current and future Celeron processors. Other industry features include voltage, fan speed, and temperature monitoring.


  • 100 MHz front side bus
  • 7 expansion slots: 3 PCI/2 ISA/1 Shared and 1 AGP video
  • ATX industry standard form factor
  • High quality, long life components
  • Intel’s high performance 440BX AGP chip set Supports up to 768MB SDRAM
  • ISO 9001 certified manufacturing process
  • Long and stable product life cycle
  • Monitors fan speed, processor temperature, and power supply voltages
  • Supports AGP 2X graphics cards
  • Supports ECC
  • Supports Socket 370 Intel Celeronä and Pentium III FCPGA processors